CHAOS THEORY is a film, television and digital production company that stands at the crossroads of entertainment, branding, creative marketing and corporate communication. Our foundation is built on a history of award-winning content we’ve produced for every platform from the biggest screen to the smallest device.

For us, storytelling is a passion, and we love nothing more than taking the expertise we’ve garnered from years of producing programming for the likes of Food Network, Fox and Universal, and applying it to telling the stories of brands and helping them communicate their message.

We believe engagement happens when the audience is entertained, and we’ve always set out to do exactly that, from our very first James Beard Award nominated Food Network series, to each and every branded web series, PR sizzle and training video we make. For us, it’s not just content… it’s a story waiting to be told like it’s never been told before.


CHAOS THEORY has been creating innovative campaigns and producing unique branded content for over a decade.



The best way to engage an audience is to entertain them, and when our stellar creative aligns with your amazing brand, the result is something much more powerful than traditional advertising.


Want to share your company’s story? We’ll tell it. Want to introduce a new product to the world? We’ll show it to them. Want your next presentation to wow? Wow is our middle name. 


Need to let your 10,000 employees know what new dishes are hitting the menu? Want to show your customers how to use your app? Just because your video needs to educate, it doesn’t have to feel like homework. We know how to get the information across in a presentation that will dazzle.

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